Hoyu is NO. 1* for hair color in Japan!

メンズビゲンムースカラー Men's Bigen Mousse Color

  • 5 Natural Brown

    For slightly lighter than natural hair color

    5 Natural Brown
  • 6 Dark Brown

    For brown-black

    6 Dark Brown
  • 7 Natural Black

    For perfect pray coverage with natural black

    7 Natural Black

Content: 40g+40g No. of Colors: 3

How to use


Dispense the foam

Shake the bottle up and down about 20 times and fix onto the box. Push the lever firmly to dispense the foam onto your palm.



Apply with your hands

Apply foam to dry hair entirely, and spread evenly.
If there is still areas with gray hair standing out, add foam and apply again.

  • Leave on for 10 minutes



Rinse well, shampoo and finish with conditioner.